In- Store Pickup : The estimated delivery time is 24 hrs -3 days from the date of  order with payment received confirmation depending upon the location of the delivery store you have chooses during checkout.

Home Delivery : To ensure that your order is delivered on-time, please make sure of the following while entering your Shipping Address, email and Phone Number details:

Provide complete address details with House Number, Floor, Street Name and Locality along with a Landmark.
Enter correct City, State and Zip/Postal Code details. Orders may get misrouted if these details are incorrect.
Kindly make sure that Phone number (preferably mobile) is correct and reachable. We may need to call you for delivery related queries.


No Return any product after leaving Pickup Store. Check you product model, configuration, colors at Pickup Store or at presence of Delivery boys in condition of “Home Delivery”.

Cancel order within 24 hrs before dispatch order. Once order dispatched, order shipping charges will not be refunded.


Warranty of any product given by product manufacturing company or their service center mentioned in company website not by us. Any queries before buying product call 9934722257, 7255866947 for warranty terms and conditions. No further obligation or liability in respect of the same and no warranty condition or representation of any kind is made, given or to be implied in any case as to the sufficiency accuracy or fitness for purpose of such information or materials.